Unstoppable Ladies Fitness Club

At Unit 11, Park Road Estate, Park Road, Timperley,
Nr Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 5QH


Unstoppable Ladies Fitness Club

At Unit 11, Park Road Estate, Park Road, Timperley,
Nr Altricham, Cheshire WA14 5QH


We do not judge anyone by their looks or fitness levels.

If you're new to fitness or just bored of the same routine of a gym then this programme is for you.

You may have heard of my Ladies Size 18 Plus Fitness Programme in Altrincham which has radically changed the lives of so many happy ladies over the years. The results the ladies in the programme are achieving are simply amazing, however, I kept getting contacted by ladies BELOW a dress size 18 asking, ‘I’ve seen the results my friend has achieved. Please can I join?’ Some of these ladies mentioned that they felt intimidated training in a gym, weren’t sure which exercises would increase their fitness and improve their body shape, some struggled with knowing what to eat, others just wanted to train in a community of like minded ladies..
The Unstoppable Ladies Programme was born!

 If accountability, structure and support is what you desire then read on..
Rest assured, YOU hold the key to creating the new you that you have always wanted.


I specialise in 3 key areas that will help every women lead a healthy and happy life where they feel good about the way they look. As a Personal Trainer, Nutritional Consultant and Mindset Coach, I want to work with you so that you can live the life
you have always wanted.


By working with you to understand what makes you who you are, I will help you live a healthy and happy life through my Unstoppable Ladies fitness club. We don’t do crash or fad diets, we don’t believe in hours of misery at the gym, but we do believe in getting to know what makes you the person you are today and then starting your journey to the person you want to be tomorrow.

Even by logging on and having a read, you are taking the first step on your journey to where you want to go.

I will be with you every step of the way.


I specialise in working with women that are unhappy with their health, diet, fitness, and general lifestyle, but want to change, grow, and do something about it.

I believe that everything begins with the mind, it holds the key to becoming who you want to be. Rather than focusing on pushing fad diets and brutal training regimes that few can stick to for more than a couple of weeks, I concentrate on providing the tools women just like you need to understand what makes them who they really are.


I am a passionate believer that once equipped with the power and knowledge to understand your own mind, anybody can achieve whatever it is they desire.

Every woman can take inspiration from my own journey, it doesn’t matter that I am a man, what matters is that I have undertaken the same journey. Overweight and depressed, I wasn’t happy with the way I looked, felt, or lived. Whenever I would look in the mirror, I wouldn’t love the person looking back at me.

I decided to change my life for the better. Not by entering a bootcamp and working out to within an inch of my life whilst starving myself, but by getting to know and understand why I was feeling the way I was. Then from there implementing the changes I needed to become the person I wanted to be.

The journey is a personal one. Full of introspection and self discovery, and it challenges you to explore what has led you to this point. There is no shaming, no repercussions, just honesty that gets you in touch with the person that you want to become.

This is the journey that I took, and I want to share it with women just like you.

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I originally joined the 6 week programme to get back into some form of fitness. I was quite nervous as I hadn’t done any form of training for quite some time due to injury. Sean was so supportive and kept a close eye on me... he adapted moves to suit my training needs where required. After the 6 weeks, I signed up as a monthly member as I could feel that my fitness level had massively improved, plus I loved the classes!!! Sean is passionate in every thing he does and this shines through when he is training you. Both my daughters are also now monthly members and are loving it!!!


Loving the sessions. Great set of people. Great way to release tension from a busy day at work. Okay, can be tough at times but Sean aims to accommodate all irrespect of your stamina and fitness level. Lots of variety so you don't get bored of the same routine. I come away from each session feeling energised. After the initial six weeks, signed up to the monthly membership as it helps to keep me motivated.


I started 6 weeks ago and don’t regret it. I am training for an endurance event in September and felt the old running etc was boring. I also knew I needed to eat better and have a great positive mind. After week 6, I have seen a change in my body and I feel so much healthier and fitter. No longer feeling sluggish. Definitely give it a go if you’re not sure. The classes are small and friendly. You’ll never look back! 


To offer women just like you all the tools and help you need to discover the real you, and become the person that you want to be, I offer a range of services tailored to meet the needs of everyone.

Getting started on your own personal journey is the biggest step that you will take, and I would like to take this opportunity to give you the belief and optimism that the journey is worth the effort.

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Unit 11 Membership

(Included full access to The SucceSS Club™ membership platform)


£159 per month

You'll receive:

  • 3 training sessions per week at Unit 11
  • Personal Development - access to a free lending library at Unit 11, with over 75 books to choose from.
  • Unlimited interactive live online group classes each week
  • Accountability: including weekly 1-2-1 calls with Sean, plus a message from Sean if you say you're attending a class, then don't turn up...
  • Members-only Facebook group - a personal trainer, and a community of cheerleaders in your pocket
  • Monthly group Mindset Coaching call with Katie
  • Full access to everything in The SucceSS Club membership site and app
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