About Us

About Us

I am here to help

My name is Sean Salinger. I specialise in 3 key areas that will help you lead a healthy and happy life.

As a Personal Trainer, Nutritional Consultant, and Mindset Coach, I want to work with you so that you can live the life you have always wanted.

Take inspiration from my own journey. After 25 years in Corporate I.T, I was totally burnt out, stressed, depressed and overweight. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked, felt, or lived. Whenever I would look in the mirror, I wouldn’t love the person looking back at me.

I decided to change my life for the better. Not by entering a bootcamp and working out to within an inch of my life whilst starving myself, but by getting to know and understand why I was feeling the way I was. Then from there implementing the changes I needed to become the person I wanted to be.

I loved my 'new life' so much, that I re-trained at a Personal Trainer, and started to help Ladies and Gents to get into great shape, increase their energy levels and benefit from long term physical and mental health & happiness.

When I train clients, there is no shaming, no repercussions, just honesty that gets you in touch with the person that you want to become.

I provide all the training, support, accountability and motivation you need.

I will be with you every step of the way, and whilst I can tell you it may not always be easy, I know from my own life story and the success stories of the hundreds of clients I have worked with, that the destination will be worth the journey.

Welcome to the first day, of the rest of your life.

We Offer 3 Specialist Training Programmes:

Unstoppable Ladies
SucceSS Club

Our specialist programme for Ladies who want to improve their health, fitness, and lifestyle and be part of a friendly supportive, and motivating environment where results are guaranteed.


Ladies Size 18+ 
SucceSS Club

Our specialist programme for Ladies who are size 18+ that are unhappy with their health, diet, fitness, and general lifestyle, but want to change, grow, and do something about it.


Unstoppable Mens SucceSS Club

Our specialist programme for Men aged 30+ who are unhappy with their health, fitness, and lifestyle, and want to change and see results, but dislike the 'six-pack, fitness freak' environment of a gym.