The Excuse Detector: How to Recognise and Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

I want to talk to you about something really important when it comes to your health and fitness journey: excuses.  

As a personal trainer, I hear many reasons why people can't make progress when it comes to their health and fitness goals.

Excuses like:  

"I don't have time to work out.  

"I'm too busy to meal plan.  

"I'm traveling frequently for work, so it's hard to maintain a routine.  

"I have to spend time with my family, so I can't prioritise exercise."  

"I have too much work to do to focus on my health.  

"I have a lot of social events, so I can't stick to a strict eating or workout plan.  

"I'm too stressed from work to focus on anything else.  

"I don't have any time for exercise because I'm too busy with the kids.  

"It's too hard to prepare healthy meals with a family to take care of.  

"I'm always tired from the demands of being a mum, so I don't have the energy for working out.  

"I have to prioritise my family's needs over my own health and fitness goals."

"I'm always on the go, so I have to rely on unhealthy fast food.  

"I'm too tired after work to exercise or cook a healthy meal.  

"I can't afford a gym membership.”  

Sound familiar? We've all been there, but the truth is that these are often just excuses that keep us from taking action and making real progress. 

In this email, I want to share some tips for how you can recognise when you're making excuses and how to overcome them.  

Have you ever told yourself that you're too tired to work out or don't have time to cook or eat a healthy meal? These are examples of limiting beliefs and excuses that can prevent you from meeting your fitness goals. 

Here are some tips to help you identify when you're coming up with an excuse versus when you're stating a truth:

  • Ask yourself: "Is this really true?" Frequently, we make assumptions and statements that are not true. For example, you're not "too tired" to work out; you simply don't feel like it. Ask yourself how you can motivate yourself to take action instead of giving in to these excuses.
  • Please write it down. If you're unsure whether you're making an excuse or speaking the truth, try writing it down. Seeing it on paper can help you identify whether you're making an excuse or if it's actually something you need to address.
  • Be honest with yourself. Are you really too busy to work out, or are you simply not prioritising exercise? Being honest with yourself about your habits and what you need to change to achieve your goals is essential. Asking yourself "How Can I?” is a much better place to start - how can I make time for…/find the energy for… etc

Identify Your Excuse

As you read this email, think about one excuse you've used in the past week or two when it comes to your health and fitness goals. Is it a limiting belief or an actual obstacle you need to overcome? Write it down and commit to making a change.  

I hope this email has helped you identify your limiting beliefs and overcome your excuses.

Remember, taking action is the first step towards success. If you're struggling to achieve your goals, I'm here to help. 

Please book a consultation call with me to discover how you can start making real progress towards the healthy, fit lifestyle you deserve.

Remember, the journey towards healthier, happier times starts with small steps — take one today, and don’t look back.

Supporting you all the way,

Coach Sean  

P.S. Excuses only hold you back. Identify and overcome them today, and watch how easy it can be to reach your goals.


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