Achieve Lasting Health & Fitness Success with the Quality and Quantity Equation

Health and fitness are two of the most important areas of our lives. How we care for ourselves in these departments can define our overall wellbeing and success. But when it comes to succeeding with health and fitness, there are two key questions that will determine whether or not your efforts pay off: Quantity and Quality 
When it comes to fitness, Quantity refers to things like the number of workouts you do each week, how long each session is, and what intensity you’re working at. Quality also matters; you need to make sure your workouts are effective and tailored to your goals. Incorporating strength training and interval work as well as rest days are all essential components of a quality workout program 
Nutrition follows much of the same logic. Quantity is about how often you’re eating, how many calories you’re taking in, etc., while Quality refers to things like food sources (fresh vs processed), nutrient timing (how much protein before/after a workout), macronutrient ratios, etc. If you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass, optimising both quantity and quality is essential for seeing results 
Finally, mindset plays an incredibly important role in health and fitness success. Unfortunately however, this is something that many people overlook entirely or don’t give enough attention to. For the Quantity aspect here, it’s about creating healthy habits like being aware of how often we turn to food for comfort or using negative self-talk - replacing these with more positive behaviours can help improve our mental health immensely over time. On the Quality side of things, it’s important that we take time every day to focus on our mental wellness - be it through physical activity (like yoga or stretching) or by engaging in activities that bring us joy like reading a favourite book or listening to music 
Ultimately if you want to succeed with your health and fitness goals then paying attention to both quantity AND quality is essential! And now that we know what those two terms mean in relation to both nutrition, exercise and mindset - let's look at some actionable steps on how we can make improvements in each area so that we reach our goals faster 
For Fitness: Increase the frequency of your workouts with an aim towards three sessions per week; add variation by incorporating strength training moves into your routine; finally increase the intensity level by adding high intensity intervals into one session per week (e.g 20 seconds on/10 seconds off) 
For Nutrition: Aim for several smaller meals throughout the day, evenly spaced out; choose fresh whole foods instead of processed options where possible; ensure adequate amounts of protein are consumed pre/post workout – typically around 20 grams within 30 minutes either side).  
For Mindset: Make an effort every day to focus on positivity e.g writing down 3 things you're grateful for; practice mindful eating so that we're aware when hunger levels are low vs when cravings arise due to other emotions; create healthier habits like journaling before bed instead of scrolling through social media - these small changes will have large impacts over weeks/months/years. Check out our 90 Day Wellness Transformation Planner & Journal here (there are only 20 left in stock). It’s guaranteed to get your mind in the right place. 
By focusing on both quantity and quality in all three areas –fitness nutrition and mindset –we can ensure that our efforts pay off over time as we move closer towards reaching our personal health & fitness goals
Which area do you most need to focus on? Which area WILL you focus on this week?
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