It can be tough to stay motivated, especially when you don't see results quickly. But don't give up! Remember, even small changes can lead to big results over time.


When it comes to fitness, one of the most important things is nutrition.

There is a saying 'you can't out-train a bad diet' and it's true!

What you eat has a HUGE impact on your results

Unfortunately, a lot of people make poor food choices without even realising it.


But don't worry, I'm here to help. 

I've put together a list of 20 easy food swaps that will help you get healthier and see better results: 

1. Instead of sugary cereals, try porridge or overnight oats with fruit.

2. Instead of a bagel with cream cheese, have an egg scramble with veggies.

3. Instead of a beef burger, make a healthy turkey or chicken burger.

4. Instead of crisps, snack on air-popped popcorn.

5. Instead of a sugary can of pop, drink water flavoured with fresh fruit, or unsweetened herbal or fruit tea.

6. Instead of a slice of cake, have some dark chocolate.

7. Instead of creamy dressing, use balsamic vinegar and olive oil on your salad.

8. Instead of white rice, choose brown rice or quinoa.

9. Instead of roast beef, try leaner cuts of meat like chicken or turkey.

10. Instead of processed lunch meats, go for fresh deli meat or cooked chicken.

11. Instead of whole milk, choose skimmed milk or unsweetened almond milk.

12. Instead of sour cream, use plain yoghurt.

13. Instead of mayonnaise, try avocado or hummus.

14. Instead of chocolate bars, have a small handful of nuts or seeds.

15. Instead of chips, bake sweet potato wedges or roasted veggies.

16. Instead of white pasta, switch to wholewheat or bean-based noodles.

17. Instead of ice cream, make a frozen fruit smoothie or healthy frozen yoghurt.

18. Instead of a bacon sandwich, have a salmon and avocado sandwich.

19. Instead of a sausage sandwich, try a veggie wrap.

20. Instead of butter, use olive oil or avocado.


In addition to making swaps, there are also some nutrition-boosting additions you can make, such as adding fruit to your yoghurts or breakfasts, adding an extra vegetable choice with your dinner, popping seed toppers on salads, using extra herbs and spices to flavour your meals e.t.c 


Don't be afraid to experiment until you find what works for you.


Making these small swaps will help you cut calories, boost your nutrition and see better results from your fitness regime. 

So what are you waiting for? Give them a try! Over time, they'll add up.


It isn't a case of deprivation or denial though.

By adding more nutrient-dense foods, you'll naturally crowd out the less healthy options.  And by making these swaps part of your routine, you'll quickly find that you no longer crave unhealthier foods.


Menu planning ahead of time can also help you make & stick to healthier choices. 

As a family, we like to plan our week's menu on a Sunday evening for the week ahead. Doing this means that we can tailor our meals to fit our schedules and commitments each day. We'll either plan a quick and easy meal for busy nights, or we'll make something a little more special for when we have more time.


Menu planning means that we can prep ahead so that we always have healthy meals and snacks on hand so we're less likely to make poorer unhealthy choices when we're tired or hungry.


We've also found that this makes supermarket shopping trips quicker and easier, as we know exactly what we need to buy for the week. No longer are we shopping ''what should we have for Dinner?’ zombies, aimlessly wandering the aisles!


In the current cost of living crisis, another huge benefit to menu planning is that it saves us money. By knowing what we're going to make ahead of time, we can make sure we use up everything we buy, and we're less likely to impulse buy items that we don't need.


So, if you're struggling to make healthier choices, or you're finding it hard to stick to your fitness goals, try making some small swaps. Over time, they'll make a big difference to both your health and your results.


Implementation Accountability: Message me @seansalingerfitness and let me know which 1 thing you will do this week to make a healthier choice. Then, keep going until it becomes a habit.




P.S I know it's hard to change your eating habits, but I'm here for you!

If that sounds right up your alley then book a free 15 minute chat with me . We'll talk about how you can get started on the path of bettering your health & fitness and making healthier choices every day. 


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